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Practical way of learning how to teach English, everything I needed to refresh the little experience I had as an inexperience teacher.
Posted By:Val Pencheva
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
I am just starting today and so excited about, the course seems to be very informative, there are videos, readings and forums. Lots of people are sharing their experiences and information... I believe it´s a good idea to get TEFL certified.
Posted By:Vesna Kitanovska
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Couldn´t be happier with the given content and high level of great content to learn from! Global Language Training offers a great 150hour course!
Posted By:Thurstan James Cole
Somerset West, Western Cape South Africa
5 Stars Course - 150 hour Master TEFL course. I really enjoyed it and the service was outstanding. Please keep up the great job.
Posted By:Paulo Silva
I discover that TEFL isn’t just a matter of supporting CV to find a good job, it stands as an experience
Posted By:Ammar Mustafa Mahadi
Jartum, Sudan
The Master TEFL course has been an amazing experience for me. I have wanted to do 'TEFL' for many years and have now finally done this. I feel on top of the world. The master course with Global Language Training has met all of my expectations: it was sufficiently challenging and not too easy. My trainer is awesome. I wish I had made more use of Johanna's support in the moments where I felt most challenged working through the course. I feel as though I have made a friend with Johanna. She is patient and sincerely supportive which something that I truly appreciated. Johanna responds to emails promptly thus allowing me to progress quickly. The forums were useful in the sense that I could hear what others were thinking about a particular topic. This peek 'into' took the daunting out of forum and it encouraged me to participate on the platform too. I would tell my friends that my study with Global Language Training was an all-round good experience on many levels of the person. I gave registration information to three good friends. One registered and is currently studying with Global Language Training.
Posted By:Tim Murphy
London, UK
Great customer service, Harold very politely assisted me in resolving my issue. Even went as far as offering me an extension for the time i lost! Five stars
Posted By:Matt Leppan
Cape Town - South Africa
I am very honored and glad to receive the scholarship from Global TEFL/TESOL last year which is totally useful to my future career path. I like the academic content inserted and more explained by clip videos. They help me a lot to clearly understand and apply with my teaching. Even though it's just an online study, the content is described as if i studied with a real teacher. I'm impressed the mentor always keeping in touch and following my studying progress. This course is really useful and helps me to decide about my master field easily
Posted By:Pa Ukaranun
Chiang Mai, Thailand
The TEFL course at Global Language Training is very detailed and comprehensive! You are gradually molded into becoming that competent and professional EFL teacher that you have always wanted to become!! The course involves modules that build your teaching skills and English skills with particular emphasis on 'communication', rather than linguistics. Hence, I now understand that linguistics, though important, should be seen as a means to an end, that is linguistics (grammar, vocabulary, etc..) is a raw material for good communication, not a concept that should be taught in isolation or very independently to achieve the much needed fluency and knowledge. The TEFL course at Global TEFL though lengthy has what it takes to launch the patient trainee into that dream TEFL career they have always aspired for. I must say that I am happy to be associated with Global TEFL, and I will not relent in my efforts towards achieving success in the course. Ultimately, I won´t stop seeking ways to improve my 'communicative competence'!!!
Posted By:Tosin Majid
Abuya - Nigeria
It's helped me a lot to refresh my teaching skill and to improve the teaching qualification I have already
Posted By:Tana Gaby
Cambridge, England, UK
I am taking the 150 hour course. The course is nicely set out in 10 modules with short chapters on every topic. I really liked that I did not have to read chapters and chapters of work, but could take it in small bite-sized chunks. That helped me a lot. Also each section has a few self study questionnaires, online quizzes. The opportunity to test yourself is abundant so you know you've got the gist of the module. Every time I had an issue, I would chat message their Facebook page and ALWAYS got a quick response from them. They were able to assist me so kindly. I never felt like I was bothering them with my questions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND GLOBAL TEFL!!!
Posted By:Julia Richmond
Cape Town - South Africa
The 150 hour course has 11 modules. This course contains text and video portions. You can interact with your fellow students through the forums in each module. To complete the course, you will need to pass two exams, a classroom management assignment, and a lesson plan final assignment. You will be in direct contact with your trainer to assist you and grade your final assignment. There are optional quizzes each module to test your understanding. I enjoyed it. I’m used to online learning. I earned my accredited bachelor’s degree online, and I have several online certificates. This course was not that different from my previous online education. I found the price to be reasonable. I enjoyed interacting with my trainer, Lionel Ferer. He was very insightful in my final assignment review. His tips have already come in handy as I work online teaching English currently. This course has boosted my credentials to employers. They are often impressed to see a 150 hour course. This course taught me to be more effective. Overall, I can say this course made be a better teacher. Thank you Global TEFL/TESOL!
Posted By:Burlingtina Vines
Birmingham (Alabama) USA
I have just completed a TEFL course with Global. I found that the course was very well designed and clearly presented. The development of language is very well covered, the grammar unit is clear and comprehensive and there are plenty of examples of teaching in action, which is particularly useful. I was impressed at the amount of extra information given, such as, internet sites, course books etc.

My tutor was very impressive. She corrected my assignments in great detail at times suggesting alternative perspectives and added very helpful advice to my lesson plan. All in all, I found the course very interesting and stimulating. Many thanks!
Posted By:O´Sullivan Maeve
Having completed the TEFL/TESOL I commenced on the TEYL, which I hope to teach young learners in the future. I highly recommend both these courses if you are intending to work within the primary sector. I plan to utilise both these certificates, as I have applied as an English Language Assistant in Spain. I have enjoyed both courses and I have had the same tutor throughout. Lionel, who as ever, was so helpful and encouraging. I would advise anybody who is thinking of a new career or a change of career to teach English as a second language to take both courses.
Posted By:Nicola Harrison
I was always a little bit apprehensive about signing up for an online TEFL as there are so many companies providing TEFL, TESOL and other similar courses. A friend of mine recommended Global Language Training for the reasonable price and excellent service. I must say that I wasn't disappointed. I followed the 150 hour course which was broken down into 8 different modules. The modules were very well structured and easy to follow with many videos of experienced TEFL teachers practicing in the field to enhance the learning experience. My tutor was always very helpful and responded immediately with constructive feedback to all of my emails and homework assignments. I am very pleased to have completed my TEFL with Global TEFL. It was a very interesting course to follow and will help me in my teaching here in Ha Noi, Vietnam. Thanks to all the Global TEFL team!!
Posted By:Sean Cogill
I have just completed my TEFL course with Global TEFL and I am so happy that I decided to do this course. The modules were very interesting as well as informative and they explained everything so clearly. I never found myself feeling lost and having to constantly email my trainer to explain what I was learning. I feel that I have learn't a great deal of valuable information from this course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is considering teaching English as a foreign language. Thank you to my trainer for all his invaluable help and to the entire Global TEFL team.
Posted By:Melissa Coetzee
I am very grateful for all the help and support given to me by the Global TEFL team and my trainer Lionel!! Really enjoyed the course, I found it a bit difficult at the beginning but as I understood it more I really enjoyed working through the modules and now feel confident enough to go and teach English on my own. Thank you so much. Very happy student right now!
Posted By:Polly Pumfrey
I really enjoyed doing the course and I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in a career in teaching. The course is a real eye opener and the support from my personal trainer was wonderful. I always had a very quick response to any of my queries and gave me the support I needed to complete and pass the course. On the whole, it has been an amazing experience. Place of work: Manchester Metropolitan University.
Posted By:Ruhena Begum
I signed up to do the course as I am going travelling in January. India and South East Asia are my first stops. Having a degree in languages, I wanted to do a TEFL course as I wanted to have the option to teach whilst I am away and to get a feel for what it's really like. I have always thought of teaching as a career, and to be honest, now having completed the course I would consider going back to university after travelling to do a PGCE. I would recommend the course to anybody - I have never taught before so no prior experience is needed. Many thanks for all your assistance.
Posted By:Natalie Gibbons
My name is Fernando Aguayo and I am currently teaching English online. The course is very concise and straight to the point, which makes it easier to follow and complete in a very short time. Each module has its resources and extra materials to read if needed, which were great! The videos helped a lot in order to have a clear picture of what was covered in the readings and it also showed real classroom lessons being taught. The tutor contributed with comments and examples in the assignments so that I could improve what I had done wrong. I would definitely recommend this course to professionals and beginners in teaching English.
Posted By:Fernando Aguayo
A professional and very well presented course, providing a user-friendly website; clear and concise notes and resources as well. The student forums were great and personal feedback on all assignments and queries. I would highly recommend this course and Global Language Training to others.
Posted By:Wray N. Mayne
South Africa
I am a teacher with the public education system in Australia and I needed to build my knowledge and skill in the core skills embedded in all curriculum now. I decided to go on-line and complete this course when my busy schedule permitted. I found the course to be accessible, affordable and delivered and assessed by very professional education staff. My queries where always responded to promptly and I received relevant and timely feedback. I am pleased to have completed the course and recommend it to others who wish to build their capabilities in the following areas of teaching: Learning, reading, writing, oral communication in the context of English as a foreign language.
Posted By:Jan Burguez
The Global Language Training's online course was a thorough, challenging, and useful tool with many practical ideas, even for me, a current English teacher and administrator. I highly recommend the course for anyone looking to learn how to teach English as a foreign language to others.
Posted By:James
I highly recommend this course for anyone even just thinking of traveling. My tutor was a great help and always responded with useful feedback within 48 hours! I learnt grammar skills I didn't know before and useful teaching techniques. I'm definitely going to take this information and share it globally with every class room I teach. Thanks Global TEFL!!" Thanks again :)
Posted By:Kayleigh Baker
I have just finished the final exam and thus completed all of the requirements for the course..Thank you for being my trainer and guiding me with your advice and comments. I really learned a lot from this course and will surely recommend it to others in future.
Posted By:Hanel Stone
South Africa
I really enjoyed this course. My trainer provided all of the necessary feedback to complete my assignments and also the grammar test. Thank you very much for all of your support and feedback! Your comments and notes were very helpful. This course also taught me a bit more about grammar as well! Thanks!!
Posted By:Joelene Jetnarayan
South Africa
The TEFL course is not as easy as it appears at first glance. It is in-depth, has wonderful examples, videos, links, and is the most interesting course I have undertaken in years! The staff and trainers at Global Language Training are the most awesome people to deal with! You feel as if they know you personally and have been friends for years - they are extremely helpful, friendly, and have the utmost patience when assisting you. I am almost sad that my course has come to an end.
Posted By:El-Marie Schuster
The TEFL course was very informative and interesting. Great service with regards to tutor appointment, response to queries and feedback on assignments.
Posted By:Harlene Sokaloo
South Africa
For some time I have wanted to complete a TEFL course, but the problem has always been, where could I find the time? By chance I came across Global Language Training and I realised that I could easily do it in my spare time at home by doing it online.I did the 150 hour Master TEFL course and found the reading and video components of the course to be comprehensive, easy to follow and quite interesting. The assignments were sufficiently challenging without being too daunting and the forums also gave me opportunities to share ideas.
Posted By:Martin Downing
I have just completed the Master TEFL/TESOL course, and I highly recommend it. I really feel that I learnt a lot, and my theoretical knowledge and teaching skills have increased significantly thanks to this course. My trainer Harold was very professional and courteous, and he responded to all of my questions and assignment submissions very promptly. Overall, I am really glad that I did this course, and I am sure that doing this course has made me a better English teacher.
Posted By:Owen Phillips
South Africa
I've really enjoyed the course ( if only I'd done one before having to tutor students at uni, even-though it was a different subject, it would have made me a better teacher). Moreover, my trainer was fantastic. I learned tons from his feedback & advice.
Posted By:Amy Daniels
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