Our courses are suitable for anyone, whether you are a recent graduate, established teacher or someone just looking for a career change, we can assist you to achieve your goal. Experiencing the countries, cultures and climates of the world is the ambition of many, but the regret of many more who never have the opportunity to do so, and the time has never been better to travel, earn and teach than by the medium of the English language.

You decide whether an online course with trainer support is for you, or a classroom based training where you can ask as many questions as you want, or a dynamic weekend course packed with lots of practical activities. All of our graduates have access to our Job Placement Service upon successful completion of any of our courses.

Choose which course is suitable for you and begin your teaching career today!!

TEFL - Thailand

About teaching in Thailand

The best (and cheapest!) way to see Thailand is to do as the locals do and hop on a bus. The country is well-served by a bus network that reaches into even the most remote of spots, far from the tourist crowds. Fares are extremely competitive with a two hour air-con bus journey costing around THB120. Trains are also an economic way to travel around Thailand. Tickets can be booked on-line or in person and 3rd, 2nd or 1st class carriages are available on the sleeper trains that head north toward Chiang Mai and Nong Khai or south toward Hat Yai, Trang and the Malaysian border.

TEFL - Peru

About teaching in Peru

From the dense jungle heat of the Amazon to breath-taking glacial peaks, Peru truly does have it all. Whether you're tucking into some of Peru's delicious food or following big cat tracks in the world's largest rainforest, the ancient ways of South America's third largest country couldn't be any further removed from life in the West. Peru is perfect for active travellers who want to see something completely different during their free time, like a trip to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu or Chan Chan, the largest pre-Columbian ruins in South America. If you love bizarre and colourful wildlife or unfamiliar surroundings, Peru is definitely the place for you to start your TEFL adventure.

TEFL - India

About teaching in India

One of the most enigmatic and beautiful countries, rich in architecture and natural wonders, India is famous for its exotic and unique culture. The Indian people are among the friendliest in the world, and students are polite, fun and extremely keen to learn English.

India is a developing economy in Asia with close relationships to western countries. Many companies and factories in India work tightly with western business partners. Therefore, the need for business English teachers is very high in India. Due to English being an official language in India, children begin to learn the language at an early age giving lots of opportunities to teach young learners as well. As you can see, you will have little trouble finding a suitable teaching position in India.

TEFL - Argentina

About teaching in Argentina

Argentina is a twirling tango of chic city living and rugged natural beauty. For the urbanite there is a chattering café culture, deference to food and fashion and all-consuming passion for futbal! For the nature lover, Argentina is Patagonia, with its pristine glaciers, and the Andes, where snow-swept mountains form the backbone of the country. This is the gateway to Antarctica, the birthplace of Maradona, and the home of the Gaucho, Argentina is calling!

The Teach & Learn Argentina program offers participants the amazing opportunity to gain TEFL teaching experience, enjoy Argentina’s elegant culture and improve Spanish speaking skills! Placements are located throughout the country with one of the program highlights being that many of the placements are in smaller Argentine towns and cities which are off the beaten tourist trail. The home-stay experience truly allows participants to experience authentic local life!

TEFL - Colombia

About teaching in Colombia

Quickly becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for TEFL teachers, Colombia has every South American wonder imaginable. From beautiful coastlines skirted by the Caribbean Sea, to hillsides full of some of the best coffee plantations in the world, teaching English in Colombia is a truly life-changing experience! As the largest economy in South America, Colombia is both modern and traditional, perfect for those who want to experience the authentic South American lifestyle in well-developed cities and towns. Are you ready for one of South America’s most spectacular destinations?